frs-interior-shot.jpgEnvisioned by owner Harrison Davis, FRS was created in 2013 after making the move to Baltimore and being dissatisfied with the range of footwear offered in his new hometown. Harrison recognized a need in the market for a store with more variety and a larger selection of sneaker brands, not just the major brands. FRS offers sneaker fanatics in and around Baltimore, a shop that delivers exclusive sneakers from some of the top independent, up-and-coming and major brands from around the world. We also pride ourselves on charging box prices, that is the price the manufacturer has put on the box and not a higher price due to exclusivity or limited runs.

Sneakers are a lifestyle, not just an accessory. To complement our footwear, we also carry a variety of local and international street wear brands. Every good sneaker should be accented by high quality apparel and accessories. The stores concept is one that invites all to come browse, take in our local artist gallery wall, listen to music, and talk about our upcoming fashion, music, and art events.

This is my definition of a sneaker shop. I hope you enjoy.