Driscoe - The Introduction

Posted on 04 August 2016

Baltimore Native, Driscoe (Sean Driscoll) is an aspiring hip hop artist that is a breath of fresh air. Equipped with unique creativity, a comical personality and a deep passion for music; Sean pours his heart and soul into his artistry.During his sophomore year of high school, Sean was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder and Psychosis. In dealing

During his sophomore year of high school, Sean was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder and Psychosis. In dealing with bipolar disorder Sean felt it was necessary to attack stigmas using music. Driscoe is a relatable and down to earth person with a personality that automatically draws others to his music.

"Happiness involves having family and friends that love and support you and enjoy spending time with you, living life to the fullest with no fear, also to live your life doing what you want to with your career choice. Work doesn't always have to feel like work if it can make you happy”. The drive Sean has to succeed is amazing, he will not let anything make him waiver on his pursuit of a music career. To understand Sean Driscoll on a personal level is to understand how to turn negative things into positive and when faced with a difficult situation, look to make something out of it.

Driscoe's music ties directly into his positive outlook on life. Passionate lyrics help him pour out raw emotions on tracks that help to illustrate how to persevere through problems people face in everyday life. "Without content and meaningful lyrics there would be no Driscoe."

Not only does he want to succeed, he wants to give back. In high school Driscoe raised $1000 in a benefit concert. The money went to the hospital unit that he stayed on as a sophomore in high school after his diagnosis. The hospital was where the music started. Dealing with racing thoughts, Sean began to craft rhymes and started writing them down to cope with his diagnosis. "That was where Driscoe was truly born. I wanted to use music to not only help myself but to help others. My goal is to impact a life a day. I feel like if we all lived that way the world would be a better place."


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