'Earth Is A Stage and All The Worlds Are Watching' an Art Install by The Creator C

Posted on 31 May 2019


Who is the writer of our reality? Who is the director of this dimension? Earth Is A Stage and All The Worlds Are Watching is a three part submersive experience consisting of an interactive magazine, an art installation, and a pop-up shop. The science fiction inspired project presents the theory that Earth itself is an entertainment platform, or stage, created for the remote viewing pleasure of other world beings. Reality is a construct and 98% of humanity are involuntary actors kept in line by the programming of their personal narratives.


The project follows The Creator C and her journey through ascension delving into socio psychological constructs, race, and love. Earth Is a Stage take audiences on an existential, metaphysical, and spiritual mind trip chronicling how C. discovered the secrets of the world stage and how she broke through her script to rewrite her own story. History has been written, but herstory has yet to be told.


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