Retail Installations: Arvada Creatives "My Beloved" - Closes Feb. 1st

Posted on 20 January 2019

Experience the world of Arvada Creatives & Co. (ARVADA) January 18 - February 1 as the third retail installation as part of FRS' 'The Combine' program.

ARVADA is a diverse creative collective from Baltimore aimed at empowering other creators and consumers through boundless art, music, and full-experience events. They have a strong focus on individuality and providing a unique experience with every brand release that is never bound to one type of product.

ARVADA exhibited their brand message through an immersive 'love construction' themed buildout and featured live performances by their collective artist YTK. 

This newest release entitled “MY BELOVED” from ARVADA comes after designer Ryan Antar revisited his home country of Lebanon where he was immersed in his cultural roots and used this as inspiration for his idea of what love is and where it can stem from. Being fascinated with how advertising was done differently overseas, Ryan Antar wanted to use that disorderly feeling he got from the art around him at the time and apply it to his work. Quotes that stick out from this collection include “It’s never too late to talk about love” & “It is a difficult matter to keep love imprisoned”. Ryan also states that the story of Cupid & Psyche inspired him to take on this new approach to design - which is clearly shown in the latest black long sleeve shirt from the capsule. 


You will have the opportunity to experience and shop ARVADA's "MY BELOVED" capsule until 8pm on Friday, February 1st. 

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