A King Wearing King: Enter Greenspan

Posted on 15 May 2017

The new summer collection from London based King Apparel is fresh and vibrant.  The Luxe Summer Trackset is a clean go to, with fabric that is light and breathable.  Colourways are complimentary; distressed camel, cream, olive, burgundy, muted grey, and my absolute favorite- distressed pink.  The summer collection has hats on lock, starring a beautiful upgrade to the traditional dad cap- the Hardgraft Curve Peak Cap!  Texture abounds with soft suedes, waterproofed nylons, and distressed cotton twill.  King Apparel is all about that comfortable swag with a contemporary look.

Who better to show off the new spring King Apparel, than Greenspan, a King in our community.  Born and raised in Baltimore, Greenspan is a lyricist with a heart of gold.  A man with a mission to raise awareness and give back to his community. 

I was lucky enough get a chance to go urban exploring and catch up with the main man himself.  I wanted to know more about his newest single and video, "Cool or Whateva," and to hear about his latest philanthropic projects.

Nanda: Your new album, "Never Gon Die" ( is so dope!  Tell us about what inspired your newest single, "Cool or Whateva" ft. Breezay, produced by Michael J.R. (listen)

Greenspan:  The beat felt to me like old Baltimore club slowed down, and the cord was reminiscent of Biggie Smalls "Big Poppa."

N:  The communal family vibe is precedent in your video for "Cool or Whateva."  Tell us about who is in the video.

G:  I wanted a room full of good folk from our community.  Collaborations are vital. "Cool or Whateva" had a collective of people working towards a common goal and having a good time, celebrating life.  The room was filled with Baltimore's singers, songwriters, DJ's, radio personalities, and my friends and family.

N:  How do you use your platform to give back to your community?  Tell us about your newest project, "No Food Deserts".

G:  I started No Food Deserts this year.  The idea behind this project is to be a conversation starter to raise awareness in the community about food deserts.  Food deserts are low-income communities without access to fresh fruits and vegetables within a reasonable distance.  The product is a cap featuring 9 colors, with the words "No Food Deserts" embroidered on the front.  You'd be surprised how many people who are unaware of what a food desert is. People notice the cap, conversation is initiated, and therein lies the opportunity to raise awareness.  Ten percent of each online sale goes to the food initiative of the buyer's choice.  

King Apparel is truly made to fit the lifestyle and culture of men like Greenspan.  Dress like a King, and lead the way towards change.

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