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Posted on 10 April 2017

Year of Ours is a women-run lifestyle brand founded on the idea of teamwork.  Not just a brand, but rather a movement fueled by a diverse community of conscious and sophisticated women, #TEAMYOS.  The brand aims to encourage, motivate, and support each individual woman in her pursuit of an active lifestyle.

Year of Ours

The beauty in this brand, is that it is “a testimony to functionality, Year Of Ours offers technical activewear pieces with modest silhouettes that will elevate a fitness experience and blends sport with style for post workouts.”  This means there is coverage and support in all the right places, and the styles are applicable for both the gym and the streets.  Year Of Ours also uses a “true to size” sizing chart, so that women are empowered rather than discouraged during their shopping experience.

Year of Ours

I had the opportunity to speak with Eleanor, the founder and co-owner of YOS.

Nanda:  Year of Ours is a Women Run Lifestyle brand, made for women by women.  What was your vision for Year of Ours? What background led you to starting YOS?

Eleanor: I personally have a background in manufacturing and fabric, and have been in the industry 10 years.  We wanted to have an activewear brand that was made in America and proved that quality.  I've always been a huge sports fan and it seemed like a no brainer to make a line that was inspired by traditional sportswear because we didn’t see anyone else doing that in women's. We have a super strong team working on the brand and it's been amazing experience to do and see the concept come to life. 

N:  How does fashion empower you and how do you use it to empower your buyers?

E:  Overall, through fits and models and our message, our whole brand is based on the customers rather than the designers.  We are all about #TEAMYOS, and support all ethnicities, shapes, styles for woman empowerment.  

N:  Tell us about you “true to size” sizing and how you think this is important for women's body image.

E:  Our fits are geared toward flattering different body types and our sizing also reflects that. We don’t want our customer to feel like something is too small when they are trying on their size. That is the worst feeling! We pay a lot of attention to details while designing, to make sure the styles fit comfortably and don’t feel like they are digging into you, pressing you down or are unflattering fabrics.

Year of OursYear of Ours

N:  What women inspire your brand?

E:  All women! It began with women athletes and 90s super models for design inspiration. However we make the line for our customer to enjoy, so teamYOS is really our main inspiration for everything we do.  

N:  Who is the modern day YOH’s women?  Her lifestyle?

E:  She is active in her life. Whether its through health and fitness, education, business, politics, in the communities, in the arts, etc. 

N:  What do want your brand to become within the fast growing athleisure market?

E:  A brand that is known for its quality that customers will always return to each season. Consistent, flattering, comfortable and cool.

N:  What is next for Year of Ours? What can we expect from the brand in the coming year?

E:  Growing Team YOS, hosting more events, collaborations and building the line with new fabrics, colorways and styles.  YOS will stay true to athleisure and continue supporting that niche market and our customers.  the are goals of collaborations, (and here is what I, Nanda am most excited about...) possible swim line!

Year of OursYear of Ours

Overall, Shooting Year of Ours was truly a dream.  The models all fell in love with YOS, and their fittings were as smooth as butter as the sizing was nothing short of flattering. The compression fabric hugs each woman's unique curves in all the right ways.  The colorways are brilliant, and it’s easy to mix and match the colors and styles for a funky twist.  Then we have the absolute unparalleled comfort... not to mention, all of the amazing things they are doing for the community, to inspire athleticism.  Here at FRS, we are proud members of #TEAMYOS.   

Year of Ours

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