WCICM Exhibit by Brandon Buckson | Artist Talk March 22, 2018

Posted on 18 March 2019

We are proud to present our fourth installment of The Combine popup experience at FRS. This month we introduce to you the WCICM Exhibit by Brandon Buckson.


(Why cant i cry money instead of tears)

Why cant i cry money instead of tears? Because its impossible?

Literally it would be a very practical solution to a lot of my problems.
Emotionally it would be a tangible yield for the day to day challenges I've weathered.

Unfortunately neither of these are options, and we're left with a poignant statement as food for thought.

WCICM is a visual exploration of the emotions that feed the aforementioned question. A literal depiction of the pursuit of money. Artist Brandon Buckson juxtaposes clickbait with an organic approach to Fine Art in order to communicate a perspective on subjects like Currensy, Competions, & political views. 

WICIM Is an experience that ties 3 points together. The romanticizing of “The Come Up”, the actual beauty of life and the loneliness, substance abuse and other toxic elements that can go along with poverty. My intention as an artist is to create an experienced that anyone can find commonalities in.  The environment is meant to visually be similar to any bedroom in anytown in the world. This sort of default set up is to build a relationship with the audience which allows them to more relate to the story being told within the elements inside the installation. 

“Eyes on the money”
NBA= Never Broke again
Money Talks
Real Tears
Cocain Bloody nose
No sick days Snotty nose
- Brandon Buckson

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